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Usually, we spend a lot of time in the morning to look beautiful and we want to help you to spend less time on this routine. Don’t spend money on matte lipstick and watch our tutorial on how to turn any lipstick into matte. If you like matte effect on your lips but don’t have matte lipstick at the moment, we know how to solve this problem! Put a coat of lipstick and put a tissue on your lips. Use powder and a makeup brush to master matte effect. Moreover, your lipstick will stay longer. Always wash off the makeup before sleep and if you are out of face wash to replace it with olive oil.
Hair dryer and flat iron damage our hair a lot and you need to take care of hair to prevent split ends. Otherwise, you will need to cut your long hair. Use termoprotector every time you use a flat iron. Check out how to quickly curl your hair using a flat iron. Replacement blades cost a lot and you will be happy to learn the lifehack that will save you a lot of money. We share a genius lifehack how to sharpen the blades! Use your old jeans, run your razor along with your jeans. You'll want to do this with the direction of the blades and not against the blades.
As a bonus, you will find quick and delicious recipes that will help you to quickly get prepared for unexpected guests. You can cook cute potato roses. Cut potato in slices and place on cutting board. Make a line of potatoes and roll potato roses, place in a muffin tin and bake. One more tasty recipe of quick pizza from 3 ingredients: puff pastry, cheese, and ketchup or tomato paste.

01:06 French manicure idea
01:20 Lifehack for curly hair
07:15 Brilliant makeup lifehacks
14:26 Potato roses
14:50 Quick pizza

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