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Check out a collection of handy summer ideas that will make your life much more comfortable. You will learn how to avoid blisters using such an ordinary thing as a sanitary pad. Moreover, you will find a lot of ways on how to wear socks. What to do if you have sweaty feet. You will love the idea of how to make inexpensive home slippers from ordinary things.
You will love the idea of how to transform a pair of old leggings into a swimsuit. The main idea is that the material of leggings should be similar to swimsuits. We prepared a DIY custom beach towel tutorial that is super easy. You can make your own design using a bleach. Cut letters from cardboard and spray the bleach. It’s a perfect personalization project for a gift.
If you think that your clothes look too boring, transform your old clothes into something really cool. You will learn how to dye your boring t-shirts at home. Tie dye print is so popular again. This easy and colorful print is a top trend this season. You can try different techniques of dying and also fabric paint of a more natural way as a food coloring.
Another cool idea is how to fringe a t-shirt. You know that these t-shirts usually cost a lot in stores and you can easily make one at home. Follow our step by step tutorial: mark where that fringe will start and cut your t-shirt. The main idea is that fringe lines should be of the same size. Knot the fringes: take two neighboring strips and knot them. Do this for all the strips on your shirt.
As a bonus, you will find a lot of ideas about what to do with old t-shirts. For example, you can turn your t-shirt into a shopping bag. Borrow a t-shirt from your boyfriend and make a fancy dress. You can easily turn an ordinary boring tank top into a major part of a sweet and romantic outfit. All you need is lace.

00:09 Cool summer ideas
00:19 How to avoid blisters
01:27 Sweaty feet?
03:53 DIY swimsuit
05:23 Tie-dye print

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